Best of Keff – vol. 6 – The Bastard Pop Compilation

01. Alex Gopher vs. Prince – Party people
02. Skee-Lo vs. Breeders vs. Eye of the tiger – I wish
03. Beastie Boys vs. Herbie Hancock vs INSX vs ACDC – Intergalactic
04. Michael Jackson vs. Ghostbusters – Bad ghost
05. 10 cc vs. Destinys Child – Dreadlock child
06. The Strokes vs. Christina Aguilera – A stroke of genius
07. Eminem vs. Britney Spears – Oops the real Slim Shady did it again
08. Kylie vs. New Order – Can’t get your blue out of my head (Live at the Brits)
09. Blackstreet vs. Grandmaster Flash – No diggity
10. Outkast vs. Eminem – My name is
11. Missy Elliot vs. Metallica – Enter the bitch
12. Vanilla Ice vs. Eminem – The real ice ice baby
13. Madonna vs. Daft Punk – Da funk music
14. Nirvana vs. Destinys Child – Smells like teen booty
15. Whitney Houston vs. Kraftwerk – I wanna dance with numbers
16. The Stooges vs. Salt ‘n’ Pepa – No fun to push it
17. Prodegy vs. Beck – Smack my sexx laws up
18. Aphex Twin vs. Michael Jackson – Bad windowlicker